Civic Academy

Applications are now open for the 2017 Academy & Alumni Program

The 6-week academy is an intensive design-led innovation program to skill-up faster, break down silos, and reimagine the public service.

* 6-week period of rolling up sleeves, 4 hours a week

* Focused on digital transformation

* Mentored by industry and government's brightest makers

* Helping solve government's biggest problems

* 20 people, half government, half industry & academia

* $3,000 per person



1. SkillS & TOOLS

Once a week we provide practical tools and leader-led workshops to work agile, think lean and raise awareness of government challenges.


We facilitate an early stage solution for a problem, challenge or opportunity participants are given to work on for the 6-week process. 


We fuse powerful alliances. We bring together a diverse range of high-calibre public and private sector professionals and give them access to an unparalleled network of speakers, mentors   and resources to mobilise teams and the community. 




+ Unit One: Discover

  • Visioning
  • User needs
  • Digital Standards
  • Agile delivery

+ Unit two: Make

  • Data-driven decision making
  • Cultural change
  • Delivery

+ Unit three: Mobilise

  • Leadership & Mobilising
  • Branding & messaging



+ What are the goals of the academy?

Break silos, increase efficiency and build the infrastructured required to solve civic problems faster.

  • Cultivate bold ideas and connect with leaders in the public and private sector
  • Accelerate collaboration and undestanding of public / private projects
  • Drive awareness and engagement in Digital Transformation and civic issues in Australia

+ How can you benefit from participating?

Energise, collaborate and build a culture of change within the public and private sector.

  • Increase private & public sector participation with your civic issues
  • Leverage industry expertise
  • Cultivate an agile culture within your workplace
  • Become part of the Alumni network that is helping redefine how we address civic issues

+ Whom will I be sitting next to?

We have a wide range of public and private sector people sign up for all of our programs. Typically you will be paired up with;

  • If you are from the public sector we encourage anyone to apply
  • If you are from the private sector we encourage designers / developers & product managers to apply, or people to work with government agencies regularly

+ Will there be any pre-work?

No, but we will provide you with a participation pack which has links to podcasts / readings / interviews / project examples that you can read and listen through in your own time.

+ Should I come equipped with anything?

We will supply all stationary for workshops, if you have a laptop or tablet we encourage you to bring them along.

+ Costs

We'd love to offer this program for free, but we haven't found the magic person or organisation to fund it. In the meantime, the cost per person is $3,000 per person.

+ Times & Dates

The Academy will be held on Tuesday evenings from 6-8:30pm and Friday 8-10am.


  • 7th March - 14th April 2017
  • 4th July - 11th August 2017


  • 14th March - 21 April 2017
  • 25th July - 31st August 2017


  • 4th April - 12th May 2017


  • 3rd October - 9th November 2017


Submit a challenge for Academy participants to work on. Ideally these are ideas you would like your government agency to work on, but for budget or political reason haven't made them into strategies. Please note we'll be making the challenges public.