Academy Alumni

The Academy Alumni group is those people who have participated in the Academy program. To date, we have run two programs, one in New South Wales and one in Victoria. Together, participants build new ways to address old problems, but more importantly a trusted group of experts from public and private sector to tackle public challenges.





The Following projects are examples of problems that Alumni worked on. Whilst there is interest in getting them to a live stage, what we're focusing on is building new ways to address problems. 

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When is the next election is an online tool to instigate more interest in this case, federal elections. Most people know about the election, but they don't know where different parties sit on individual issues. With when is the next election, users can identify an issue they're interested in and see where they're party sits in.

This project is a collaboration between: Australia Post, Dept. Justice, Odeecee & VicRoads 

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The Buddy2Buddy peer mentoring program provides refugees with career guidance in alliance with TAFE institutes in Western Sydney. It aims to support young refugees find their own employment pathway in Australia, as they settle into their new home and re-establish their identity. 

This project is a collaboration between: Department of Premier and Cabinet, Dius and Office of Environment and Heritage


support for young women out of care 

Startack is designed to support and engage out of home care young women. It has the goal of helping them finish their Tertiary Education as this is a proven indicator of helping to integrate them into their local community. 

This project is a collaboration between: Dius and Family and Community Services

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Service providers are full of people with specialist knowledge and access to data who struggle to make their ideas into feasible projects for the organisation. Our platform is a digital marketplace that solves the problems up front and connects these people directly with university students looking for good quality research projects. 

This project is a collaboration between: Sydney Water and Kynan Hughes.


The social media analytics involved proposing a solution to help vulnerable minors access care and support through social media networks and other online resources.

This project is a collaboration between: Akamai and Family and Community Services.

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