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We are seeking one full-stack developer with deep javascript knowledge to join our designer Fellow at the Office of Environment and Heritage in NSW; If you feel you can make a difference in the public service, please fill out the form below.

Apply now to become a Code for Australia Fellow and work with us to help government move online, not inline. 

+ WHY?

Modern technology tools and approaches can foster collaboration and build trust while helping governments better address the challenges they face. If you want to make a difference while doing what you love, this is your chance — use your skills to build technology that helps governments work better for the communities that they serve.

Fellows and government staff work together to foster new approaches to problem solving, open data, build apps and effectively use technology and data to address social issues. In past years, teams have worked on increasing access to social services, exploring alternatives to incarceration, and providing new avenues for public input.

+ The Fellows

Fellows come from a variety of backgrounds in technology, design, community organising and everything in between. Some come from large well-known tech companies or startup environments, while others have experience working in Government or social impact organisations. All of our Fellows have a creative, entrepreneurial spirit and are passionate about making government work better. Fellows are financially supported with $55k per year.

+ The Job

  • You will join forces with government staff and a community of people who love what they do.
  • You will meet, brainstorm and research problems affecting your government partner organisation.
  • You will be the first line to support community input and ideas on the challenges you find.
  • You'll be a champion for your local community workshopping problems and helping them have a strong understanding of the challenges your government wants to solve.
  • You will quickly prototype technology solutions and launch them within the public sphere

+ Why become a fellow?

  • Civic Technology is important. Most technology being developed today is not for the public sector. This has created a massive gap between the technologies used by those who can only afford it.
  • Connections. The biggest names in the tech industry and the civic technology movement will provide you with unparalleled networking, mentorship, and support.
  • Professional Development. You will develop lasting relationships and learn new skills in a creative and fast-paced atmosphere.
  • Exercise Creativity. Working in small teams with your government partners, you’ll conduct user research and decide what you build and how you build it.
  • A Labor of Love. You’ll not only accomplish a lot and make the world a better place, but you’ll have a lot of fun working with other passionate people.

+ Next Steps

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+ What's involved in the application process?

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We will begin interviewing applicants as they come, and selections will be made by a government and industry committee. Start by submitting an interest form.

Once complete, you will receive an email to complete a full application. The application asks for basic information, a few questions about your interest in becoming a fellow and about your background, and a quick skill assessment. Should you pass the first round, you will be contacted for follow up interviews.

+ The fine print

  • This is a full-time position that will end in November 2016, unfortunately another Fellow had to pull out so you will be jumping on board to continue with the projects. It is an intensive position and you need to put time aside for the experience.
  • This is in a team of two inserted into OEH. This consists of a developer & a designer.
  • You will be your own boss.
  • We’ll support your time with mentorship, technology and a $55K a year wage.
  • This is where the team is at with their first prototype
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