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The Victorian Government partnered with us to run Budget Hack, a digital forum aimed at promoting transparency and helping Victorians better understand government data.

Budget Hack is the first time a Victorian Government has partnered with Code for Australia to start a conversation and present ideas and technology solutions that will make Budget data more community-friendly and easier to understand.

The two-night event, co-hosted by startup Outware, involved staff from the Department of Premier and Cabinet engaging with the tech community and industry leaders on how Victorians could best visualise, use and leverage 2015 Budget data.

National Australia Bank & X-team awarded a $700 cash prize to the winning team, Bling My Suburb, who created a way to search the Budget by location. Second place was awarded to Budget Pie and third place to Ask the Budget.

Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade Philip Dalidakis attended the final night of Budget Hack reiterating the Victorian Government's commitment to engaging in a digital transformation that will lead to greater transparency on all government action.


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