Chief Technology Officer

  • Melbourne, VIC
  • Full Time
  • Experienced

Why is this role important to Code for Australia

The Chief Technology Officer’s role is to assure the successful execution of Code for Australia’s mission through development and deployment of technology solutions and programs with our Government partners. It’s big.

When you get the job, you will:

Focus on users - Whether they are our neighbours, our government partners, or our Fellows, you are always focused on actually helping real people with real problems. You don't get distracted by work that doesn't help people.

Always be shipping - You know how to manage teams and programs. You have enough experience to make solid technical and management choices. You know when not to use the shiny new technology. Much of work will be on or supported by government staff on old systems, you need to be comfortable getting the good deeds done with these legacy tools.

Communicate clearly - You can speak and write about our technology strategy to politicians, funders, and developers. You're able to make complicated ideas easy to understand.

Build our community - You are able to establish a successful culture. You'll balance technical rigor with healthy grownup working hours. You can lead agile development while providing space for professional development. You'll help train the next generation of civic technologists.

Your super powers

  • You love people, and our community. Like, love them.

  • You dive in and get your hands dirty. You’d rather get started then get ready.

  • You are super tech savvy and are extremely excited by the world of civic technology.

  • You have, or enjoy entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial work.

  • You have excellent analytical skills, but also know the value of qualitative insights.

  • You are passionate about building modern communities. You are a life long learner yourself.

  • No small imperfection, quirk or inconsistency escapes your attention to detail and quality.

  • Your music doesn’t escape a day of work.


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