Alvaro Maz

Co-Founder Managing Director

Alvaro is one of the co-founders of Code for Australia and Managing Director. Before Code for Australia, Alvaro had launched his first business, had worked as an urban planner and consulted to various government agencies on open government. 

He is also a Centre for Sustainability and Leadership Fellow, Startup Leadership Fellow and is cooking plans to go sailing around the world.


Chief Technology Officer

Alec Sloman is an educator, facilitator, and software developer with 15 years of experience in IT.

Most recently, he worked as a Lead Instructor at General Assembly and as a Technical Recruiter at Lookahead Search where he gave career advice to hundreds of candidates and worked with many of the most prominent tech companies in Melbourne.

Alec is passionate about driving reform and improving lives with technology, oh and also dancing to R&B and hip hop.


Lina Patel

Chief Operations Officer

Lina does her best work with people who know where they are headed, who aren't sure how to get there, and are open to iterating towards their desired outcomes.

She is a collaboration designer and facilitator looking to do meaningful work with people and organisations who value positive social outcomes, and who care about becoming better at what they do. She also has a super cool sandwich ring.


Grace O'Hara

Marketing Lead

Grace is a digital native, a tech aficionado and lover of all things coffee. After cutting her teeth in start-up land, Grace spent a year travelling the world, seeing the power of technology in all shapes, sizes, and efficiencies. 

Grace loves telling meaningful stories and connecting people in authentic ways. In her spare time you might find her attempting to make edible things or learning how to swim. 



Our Current FELLOWS

Fellowship Alumni