The Academy is an intensive innovation program that draws on collective knowledge, breaks down silos, and reimagines public service.



    HOw it works

    Combining theory with action learning, the Academy pairs innovators from the public and private sectors to work collaboratively on solving social issues.

    The six-week intensive program empowers people with the tools and experience they need to create and lead change in their organisations and their community.



    1. SkillS & TOOLS

    We provide practical tools and leader-led workshops to work agile, think lean and raise awareness of current government challenges across a range of sectors. 


    We open the doors for participants to form teams and work on real-world challenges, as we guide the development of early stage solutions. 


    We bring together a diverse range of professionals and equip them with a network of speakers, mentors and resources to mobilise teams and the community. 


    Meet your mentors

    When you learn with us, you'll be connected to a network of makers and innovators who will draw from experience, tools and research to guide you through your journey.


    Coming up with a concept or prototype in a number of weeks rather than months, one that solves a real-world problem, is a fantastic challenge to take on. 
    - Natalie Rudolph, Public Transport Victoria




    Common Questions

    We love questions, almost as much as we love civic technology. Here are a few things we typically get asked and how we typically respond. 

    + What are the goals of the academy?

    Break silos, increase efficiency and build the infrastructured required to solve civic problems faster.

    • Cultivate bold ideas and connect with leaders in the public and private sector
    • Accelerate collaboration and undestanding of public / private projects
    • Drive awareness and engagement in Digital Transformation and civic issues in Australia

    + How can you benefit from participating?

    Energise, collaborate and build a culture of change within the public and private sector.

    • Increase private & public sector participation with your civic issues
    • Leverage industry expertise
    • Cultivate an agile culture within your workplace
    • Become part of the Alumni network that is helping redefine how we address civic issues

    + Whom will I be sitting next to?

    We have a wide range of public and private sector people sign up for all of our programs. Typically you will be paired up with;

    • If you are from the public sector we encourage anyone to apply
    • If you are from the private sector we encourage designers / developers & product managers to apply, or people to work with government agencies regularly

    + Will there be any pre-work?

    No, but we will provide you with a participation pack which has links to podcasts / readings / interviews / project examples that you can read and listen through in your own time.

    + Should I come equipped with anything?

    We will supply all stationary for workshops, if you have a laptop or tablet we encourage you to bring them along.

    + How much tech do I need to know?

    None. All you need to know is that you're interested in learning. We will help demistify technical product planning and life cycle, technical debt, and the strings behind the buttons you push.

    + Times & Dates

    The Academy is held on Tuesday evenings from 6-8:30pm and Friday 8-10am.

    + Costs

    We'd love to offer this program for free, but we haven't found the magic person or organisation to fund it. In the meantime, the cost per person is $3,000 per person (excluding GST).

    + I need to convince my boss, can you help?

    We've prepared this pitch deck to help government folk request support to attend the Academy. Private sector folk, don't fret - we've got one for you too.


    I’m passionate about empowering communities to take ownership of outcomes themselves… Educating isn’t just passing over knowledge.
    - Peter Williams, Chief Edge Officer at             Deloitte and Academy mentor


    WHY people LOVE The academy

    Don't take our word for it: we've worked with over a hundred participants from government bodies and organisations across Australia. Check out some of the things participants love about our Academy program over on our blog



    We've wrapped up our Academy sessions for 2017, but will be back in the new year to cities all over Australia.

    Drop your details below to let us know you stopped by and we'll get in touch when we release the new dates.