Thank you - from all of us

Only one person missing; William Confanolieri

Only one person missing; William Confanolieri


Not that long ago, Code for Australia was just an idea. We had the notion that the same talent, passion, and skills that have connected us and made our lives easier through web and mobile technologies could also reconnect us to the institution designed to benefit us all: government. And in reconnecting with us, we could help government gain some of the efficiencies the Internet has brought to other sectors in the past decade. To do that, we called on industry and community to stand up and pick up an old model of citizenship that had been lost long time ago; where we try ideas and re-design the issues that affect us all. We also called on those public servants that have been flexing government's muscles for quite some time. We have been delighted so many heeded the call.

In December 2015, Code for Australia transitioned from an idea to a grand experiment that produced remarkable outcomes. We partnered with local and state government in Victoria and NSW. The fellows who worked with them are truly leaders in a movement that is just starting. Those who participated in our Civic Lab redefined what citizenship and democracy looks like in the 21st century; where citizens not only lend their voices, but their hands, and in collaboration with public servants, make our cities more just and our democracy stronger.

This community we're building and have been part of, leveraged technology to do great things off course, but we did much more than that. We showed what’s possible, changed perceptions, broke down barriers and created a new way of working together.

This grand experiment is just starting. We want to thank you for helping us, joining us and believing in us.