Second week down at City of Melbourne City Lab


Finishing up my second week at the City of Melbourne CityLab, and things are taking shape for GovHack 2015. CityLab is an innovation lab developed by the City of Melbourne that enables Council, the community and partners to co-create solutions to urban challenges. The City of Melbourne has a lot going on (being a capital city), and luckily for me it has a lot of data that goes with it, and a supported ethos of open data publication and transparency.

The new City of Melbourne Open Data Platform was soft launched at the end of April, and will continue to be refined in the weeks leading up to GovHack. The platform currently has 60+ data sets that are available for the general public to utilise, and will be trialling a tagging system that is based on the perceived user needs (within four key self-identified archetypes; entrepreneur, change-maker, citizen, or planner). You can access it here.

Key themes that are taking shape for GovHack Melbourne include Celebration of Aboriginal Melbourne, Passive Smoking Harm Minimisation, Intergenerational Skill Exchange, Climate Change Adaptation or Resilience, or Laneways and Place-Making. There are also discussions to engage high school students in a youth stream of GovHack, and/or create a second Melbourne-based GovHack space which centres around 3D printing and maker-spaces (as opposed to purely online presence). The go-ahead or not for this should firm up in the next two weeks.

On Wednesday, 13th May I will be presenting on the Code for Australia Fellowship and City of Melbourne preparations for GovHack 2015 at the Open Knowledge Australia Meetup. If you have an interest in what is happening in this space, or are preparing to participate in the Melbourne GovHack 2015 event from the 3rd - 5th July, I’d encourage you to come along.