An invitation from the Mayor of City of Yarra

Victoria Street, Richmond

Victoria Street, Richmond

I am very enthusiastic about the upcoming Civic Lab focussing on the City of Yarra.

The City of Yarra is growing and evolving.  Currently, over 86,000 live here and over 76,000 (locals and non-locals) work here.  Our residents span the full socio-economic and cultural spectrum.

Yarra has a thriving business community – from solo to start-up to not-for-profit to global and everything in between.  Indeed, the suburb of Cremorne – where the Civic Lab is being held – is an epicentre for tech and creative enterprises.  

Whether for live music, gallery and street art, cool bars, innovative eateries or eclectic shopping, the City of Yarra also draws a great many visitors from near and far.

Yes, there are challenges but what is exciting about initiatives like the Civic Lab, is how challenges are translated into opportunities, which in turn, motivate and catalyse innovative solutions.

I believe the City of Yarra is ideally placed to evolve as a “smart city”.  I am excited by the great potential for citizen empowerment, community-building and enhancement of the urban condition that smart use of information and communications technology and media make possible.  

I thank Code for Australia for its initiative and its invitation and I thank you, the innovators, for lending your creativity to exploring possibilities for the Yarra community.  I look forward to seeing you at the Civic Lab.

Phillip Vlahogiannis
Mayor, City of Yarra

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