Bring the Code for Australia Fellowship to Your Local or State Government


Over the past five years, Code for America has worked with more than 30 government partners through the Code for America Fellowship. Will your government be next? Apply to be a government partner for our 2016 Fellowship today and help reshape how you provide digital services to your community.

The Fellowship program embeds teams of civic-minded developers, designers, and product managers in governments across the country to work full-time for a year in partnership with government officials. The fellows apply 21st Century Government Principles to important problems focused on health, economic development, and safety and justice.

For instance, last year across Victoria, our Fellow helped state and local government agencies to progress their Open Data Journey and Digitalisation process. See his work.

In the US in Long Beach, California, fellows helped the city break down silos to use data from multiple departments and get residents the help they need before ending up in the emergency room. The multi-disciplinary fellowship team built AddressIQ, an application that gathers data from fire and police department calls, cross-references addresses with business licenses, and then surfaces businesses with high emergency care rates. Using that information, safety personnel and city staff can better understand the needs of those in the community, and coordinate an intervention before somebody has an emergency.

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia said, “Our experiences with Code for America have helped us increase capacity to approach tough issues with new techniques and innovative thinking. What’s more, we’ve helped prove that lean, iterative approaches to building technology and user-centered design can make the safety net smarter.”

While it’s just the beginning of 2015, we’re actively engaging in conversations with local governments around the U.S. to explore where and how Code for America can help  government work better for the people, by the people, in the 21st century.

Our goal is to work with governments in partnership with community experts, foundations, and other partners with expertise in each field. As you think about if this would suit your agency, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.