From our Board - why did you join Code for Australia

We caught up with our Board member, Craig Thomler to ask him why he joined us. This is what he had to say:

You + Code for Australia = how this did happen?

Having worked in the Gov 2.0/digital transformation space across the public sector since 2006, I was very aware and supportive of developments in the U.S, such as the formation of Code for America.

When I heard that a similar organisation, Code for Australia, was being set up here, I quickly plugged in to understand their approach and see if I could support them.

I met with one of the founders and then with Alvaro and tried to give them any help I could to launch and build the organisation.

Coming onto the Board was a natural move to extend my ability to lend Code for Australia expertise and connections, as well as giving them a de facto representative in Canberra should the executive be busy elsewhere.

How would you describe Code for Australia to other people?

Code for Australia is an organisation that helps inject innovative expertise and private sector experience into government agencies and councils to help them realise the digital services and structures that citizens need.

By drawing on the experience of the international Code for All movement, Code for Australia can provide more than an extra set of hands and fresh eyes to government. It can provide a systemised and tested body of open source technology designed specifically for government needs that can be customised and quickly rolled out by Australian agencies and councils.

What was your favourite thing about the organisation?

The enthusiasm that everyone in the organisation brings to working with governments to improve the outcomes for citizens, as well as the experience of public servants.

Code for Australia’s team and Fellows are sensitive to the needs of government and work in a collaborative way with agencies that delivers real outcomes.

How do you think this type of work is going to make a difference in Australian government agencies?

By providing fresh perspectives, coupled with a strong body of previous local and international experience, Code for Australia’s work helps support the great work already being done by governments to improve services to citizens and internal efficiencies.

For government agencies and councils, Code for Australia offers a controllable and collaborative way to upskill public servants on new techniques for addressing wicked problems, working to the scale and timeframes of government and with rigorous testing and trialling of solutions following the best innovation methodologies.

The outcomes that Code for Australia can cocreate with agencies include easier-to-use and cheaper to manage services and more agile and robust digital solutions.