Future Assembly - what happened

Melbourne's newest startup in sticky notes

Melbourne's newest startup in sticky notes

Future Assembly is Australia’s newest tech Festival. We were chuffed to be part of it, for many different reasons: 
one - we like technology 
two - we like raising awareness of civic technology 
three - we held a workshop with Premier and Cabinet and Public Housing workers 

At the workshop we set to explore how can we bridge the gap between government and the startup community. Increasingly, we see new technology being launched, adopted and prototyped, yet most of this, if not all is going to the private sector. We also see that when tackling government problems, very similar approaches to those being used 5 or 10 years ago, are still predominant.  

What we did :
Algorithmically, we divided participants into mixed groups of government and non-government folks. Half of these teams were set to come up with a new solution to a challenge that the Department of Premier and Cabinet put forward, around public housing. The other half were set to come up with Australia’s newest startup idea, using Steffen Waltz Future Deck. 

The Results:
Housing Challenge 
From a “Tinder” style public housing swapping tool, to complicated algorithms ensuring allocations are done automatically, not by hand, teams came up with diverse ideas no how public housing can implement the newest technology in government.

"It was exciting to see  people get really involved with the challenge  and the difference way in which people attacked the problem.We are committed to engaging with the community for a new take on old problems" Megan Vassarotti, Senior Manager, Dept. Premier & Cabinet VIC. 
Startup Challenge :
The Future Deck gets crazy ideas out. Teams came up with drones with augmented reality delivering personal care, gamified processes to address homelessness and even a new public service  

Whilst we knew these projects were probably going to stay in the room, the conversation was started on how public servants, industry and the community can come together and work on issues that affect us all.