Life as a Coder Girl - guest post by Ruth Pearson

As the Geelong fellow I spend a lot of time in Geelong.  However, I also get to spend a lot of time with Alishar (fellow for Melbourne) and Rosie (fellow for Ballarat), usually towards the end of the week when we all converge on the City Lab offices (where Alishar is based) and spend time debriefing and workshopping our experiences of the fellowship in our respective locations.

Spending time with Alishar and Rosie has been a big highlight for me. I knew we’d be a great team when on our first day we got straight into planning and preparing fellowship tools over snacks in a tiny booth at Inspire 9 in Richmond.  

The next day we all went to the Connect Expo where we personed the Code for Australia booth and got straight into the swing of things.  We spent the day tag-teaming personing the booth and listening to various conference talks we were interested in.  We chatted to passers-by about Code for Australia, and you just know that we looked awesome in the T-shirts. From this moment forth we have preferred the collective name: Coder-Girlz.

Coder Girls

Coder Girls

Rosie is a design genius.  She has designed all of the presentation slides, posters, images and documents that we have used during the fellowship  She has cast her expert eye over anything going out into the public domain and has just generally made us aesthetically fabulous.  I enjoy sending emails with phrases like:  “I’ll send it through to our designer.”   Speaking of fabulous, here is Rosie modelling our choice cupcake outlet, Cupcake Central:

In week 4 of the fellowship Coder-Girlz presented at Open Knowledge Melbourne’s weekly meetup.  Alisha is a great communicator.  She kicked us off by explaining the background of GovHack, Code for Australia and the fellowship program.  Each of us then presented on specific challenges and data opportunities in our cities.  Here are Alisha presenting:

Alisha is good at keeping things together and encouraging us to do the same.  She gets things written up and shared quickly and is always on top of change. Become a Code for Australia Fellow.