Making GovHack even better

2015-04-22 10.51.42
2015-04-22 10.51.42

GovHack is an annual open data competition held all over Australia and New Zealand that draws together people from government, industry, academia and of course, the general public to mashup, reuse, and remix government data.

This year we are partnering with the City of Ballarat, Melbourne and Geelong to support GovHack teams prepare for the annual event and help solve some of the cities' biggest problems. Through our Fellowship program, Alisha Ryans-Taylor, Rosetta Mills and Ruth Pearson will be based in each City to find challenges to put forward at GovHack and ensure all the resources are available to help solve them.

We're very excited each city is going to be holding it's own GovHack competition, and by partnering with each city and the community we can develop a much better understanding of each others' interests and ways we can help solve cities' problems.

Stay tuned for our mid-Fellowship workshop with GovHack participants, new data releases and the Fellows' experiences on helping build a government in the 21st century.