Meet data owners - State Library of NSW


As part of our mission to promote more collaboration, transparency and technology, we like to highlight great examples of government agencies taking user-driven approaches to designing and redesigning their services. Last Thursday, we helped organised an event in collaboration with the New South Wales State Library; it was great!

We caught up with Paula Bray, DX Lab Leader at the State Library who is building up the State Library’s new DX Lab. The labs aim to be a platform where citizens, industry and public servants meet and work together.

As the Library's core mission is to engage with the public, it was a no brainer to bounce off ideas about the labs and the data they have started to release to support their Open Data Journey. The feedback received on the night will help shape not only the labs, but the Library's participation in Apps for NSW as well as this year's GovHack.

We're very excited about what's going to happen next and will definitely encourage you to keep an eye on the library, especially if you have a background in technology (they will be hiring someone soon).

Watch this space.