Let's Code for Victoria!

Code for Victoria is underway

Two weeks ago nine new Fellows join us as part of the team to take on the Code for Victoria Challenge. See their amazing profiles here.

After a week of induction training, Fellows were split into three teams to take on the three challenges chosen from 39 applications.

The Victorian Special Minister of State, Gavin Jennings, chose the follow projects:

  • Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and Parks Victoria (DELWP): Improving the collection and availability of biodiversity data.
  • Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF): Building a transparent and accessible system to better collect, analyse and display Victorian government infrastructure tender and contract activities.
  • Victoria Legal Aid (VLA): Streamlining referral services to connect Victorians to the legal support they need.

The teams now have six months to research and understand the departments and their challenges, and to come up with new ways of thinking and technology to solve them.

Teams will be keeping us all update to date through their respective blogs (DWLWP, DTF, VLA), and through the Open House we will be hosting throughout the six months. Get your ticket to the next one!