Opening & Publishing Data

[embed][/embed] How accessible is your data?

Proprietary: can be any format, but with confidential information

Machine Readable: CSV, XML & RDF should be your best bets

Prioritising Data Release

Where should you start? We suggest starting small: focusing on a few key datasets for your initial release and ensuring that there is a sustainable publishing process in place, rather than doing a huge one-time data dump that will be hard to keep up to date.

Eighteen recommended Datasets

Code for America, in collaboration with the Sunlight Foundation and Open Knowledge Foundation, has identified eighteen of the most important datasets that we recommend every municipality to publish. Of course, you might not be ready to release all of these right away, but it;s a good place to start. View the full list here:

Other ways to prioritise

Here are some other ways to identify high-priority datasets to release.