What happened at #BudgetHack

Kicking off on Wednesday, March 23rd at Outware Mobile's office, we officially launched #BudgetHack, after what seemed like months of working closely with Vic Gov to properly prepare for the event.

As the doors opened, the public servants were the first to arrive - not knowing what to expect from the participants. Everyone snapped up a table, chair, stool, floorspace and the necessary fuel - pizza and beer.  Once participants started to understand the challenge "How to make the Victorian Budget accessible and understandable" they formed their teams and started to dive into the data-sets available. 

When the pizza ran out, teams planned for the two weeks ahead of them as the pitch to the judges were to be one fortnight later at Zendesk. A two week Hackathon? Who would have thought! 

Zendesk hosted the second #BudgetHack event with a short drop in from the Minister for small business, innovation & trade - Hon Philip Dalidakis, to see what the teams had been up to in the past two weeks. Teams were asked to tidy up their project, prepare for their pitch and at 7.30pm  the pitching began. In the end 13 participants share from over $1600 worth of prizes. 

1st place - Bling my Suburbs ($700)

2nd place - Budget Pie (Tickets to Future Assembly Conference)

3rd place - Ask Budget ($300)

Thanks to our partners NAB, X-team, Vic Gov, Future Assembly and to the space provided by Outware Mobile and Zendesk

Photo credit - Ben Jones Photography and Momentary