Code for Australia partners up with The Office of Environment & Heritage of NSW

We're extremely excited to announce a new partnerships with The Office of Environment & Heritage for the 2015 Code for Australia Fellowship Program. 

We’re thrilled to announce the Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH) will participate in our 2015 Fellowship. OEH has a remarkable commitment to applying modern tools and approaches to meeting the needs of the community.

The Code for Australia Fellowship pairs government agencies with teams of civic-minded technologists (people who care and are happy to roll-up their sleeves) for one year. The governments and Fellows explore answers to local challenges by engaging with the community, building applications, and testing the results. Over the past four years through the Code for All network, the Fellowship program has produced more than 60+ web apps with 50 governments and 120 Fellows.

The applications are tangible results of a process that builds much more than a piece of technology.

“By working in an iterative, user-centered, data-driven approach, the Fellowship program strengthens key capabilities within local government and communities. Well beyond the Fellowship, we see government staff continuing to design services for and with the community, make data meaningful, and make better technology choices.” Dan Groch, Board of Advisors at Code for Australia said.

Over the last 12 months, Code for Australia Fellows, in partnership with councils and state governments, have developed a growing portfolio of products, tools, and standards, but more importantly, a believe in citizens that government is transforming. 

In 2014, Code for Australia began a Fellowship pilot program to deepen and integrate civic-minded solutions. The OEH will build on prior learnings in health, economic development, procurement, public safety, and justice.

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