Hello, new friend!

It was great to meet you! You are cool. There's never enough time to talk about all the things, so we created a place to share our favourite things with you, where you can browse and come back to them in your own time. 

If you want to come and hang out with us, our door is always open. 

Otherwise you can find us lurking in the Code for All and Code for Australia Slack teams.


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We use Trello to organise almost everything. Here's how we use it for defining who we are, on-boarding and what it means to be a Code for Australia ambassador

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Case studies

You probably heard us talk about our fellowship program at some point. Here are a couple of case studies we put together that examine the challenges and victories of three different fellowships. 

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printed things

We've made some cool things lately to engage our community and build stronger connections. Here's some of our print files - you're welcome to adapt and use them for yourself. 


Blog post

Grace summed up her experience and learnings from the week in a blog piece.

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You might have seen an iPhone on a lazy susan last week. Have you seen the video?

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We took quite a lot. Use and share them  - with credit where possible.