Whether it’s in payment areas or customer service areas of the council wanting to develop online forms, being able to speak the right language with their either in-house or third party technical people is important. This [program] could have a wide applicability to a very broad range of council staff.

It can sometimes be quite overwhelming when you go and do courses in technology, but this one in particular seemed simple to understand. Everyday language was used, and things were explained really well. We might get 50 applications for one role, so you’ve got to scan through and look for keywords. When you’re looking at key technical words obviously understanding exactly what they’re referring to is really helpful.

There are so many opportunities that changing and developing technologies offer. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t being left behind and that I was leveraging the opportunities that were being made available. I understood things that I didn’t really quite understand before, and you know, that’s quite empowering. Understanding those basic concepts then allows you to build from a base.

My IT team are constantly asking for more time to do things, and they're also asking for resources to clean up somebody else's mess. I had no appreciation for that. I didn't really understand what it was that was the problem. But I do now, and it's a revelation. I'm having much more informed conversations with my IT director, and with my director of our digital strategy.