Technology is playing an ever increasing role in the way we solve national and global problems. Through our programs, we connect creative technologists, and government innovators, to develop technological solutions that have a positive impact on our society.


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The best way to create change is from within. The Fellowship program sends teams of technologists, designers, and community organisers into government departments across the country to work on projects full-time for a year.


Are you a disruptor? Join Civic Labs – free-forming teams across the nation that hold regular hack nights, events, advocate for open data, and deploy apps.


Want to learn how technology can drive change? Our Academy is an intensive action based training program to skill-up faster, break down silos, and reimagine how the private and public sector collaborate.



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With help from Code for Australia, talented people across Australia have designed, developed and deployed amazing technology solutions. We're solving the BIG problems that impact ordinary citizens

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