What IS IT? 

Tech for Non Tech is a program designed specifically to help non-technical people deepen their understanding in concepts and processes of web development and IT, as well as how to work amazingly with developers.

After sell-out events in New Zealand, we've partnered with Dev Academy to bring the groundbreaking program to Australian shores.



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Technology Basics

No question is too small. You'll walk away with a holistic view of big picture trends and the nitty-gritty of daily process.

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Language + Concepts

You'll walk away more confident in your ability to understand terminology, and the way tech teams and tech businesses work.


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TECH Relationships

Developers don’t create software - teams do. You'll develop an understanding of how to work effectively with technical people.

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If your career touches technology but you're not a web developer this course will help you level up. 

"All of my roles have required interaction, to some extent, with tech colleagues and teams. That being said, I’ve never actually understood what they do - their work has always been foreign to me, and I would say the same about the ‘tech language’ they speak - that is up until Tech For Non Tech."

- Carine Stewart, Participant


WHAT YOU'LL Walk away with

We'll help you gain a foot hold into the world behind the internet. Here's some of the things you can expect to be in the content. 



+ Why do technical projects take ten times longer than they’re meant to?

Understand technical product planning and life cycle, technical debt, and the strings behind the buttons you push.

+ What's inside the magic black box?

Get a working picture of technical languages and processes. Learn your forks from your servers, know your databases from your APIs. Figure out what coding languages should be used for your next project.

+ What is the optimal way of working with programmers and tech teams?

Learn to work well with your technical colleagues with engineering empathy. Get inside tech culture and why autonomy, mastery and purpose are so important to technical folk.

+ What is happening in the world of tech?

Understand the war between coding languages and what this means about technical people and projects. Get a grasp on what the digital future might hold and ensure you won't be left behind.

+ What do I need to know about proposing and undertaking a tech project?

Understand information architecture, web development economics, progressive enhancement. Deeply understand behaviour driven development and user testing. Learn more about bugs.



We believe Australian governments can capitalise on the opportunity digital transformation presents, and work with the public to find new solutions to old problems.

Our work is based on the belief that the problems we face cannot be solved unless a greater number and diversity of people become involved - and to do that in the digital age, you need to get tech

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  • An opportunity to start navigating across the technical divide and learn tools to help you understand complex technology in a simple way
    — Product manager, Wellington
  • If you work with developers, and are not a developer, you must attend this course!
    — Innovation specialist, Wellington
  • A jargon busting course to help me speak the same language as the developers.
    — Tech Service Company CEO, Wellington
  • Learn key concepts that will enable communication with developers.
    — Business growth manager, Wellington



Our workshops tend to sell out fairly quickly plus we're capping numbers at 20 spots to keep it hands-on. We'd hate for you to miss out, so make sure you save a place for you (and your colleagues) by registering below.


We're hoping to bring the workshop to other cities soon. Register your interest below and we'll let you know when we launch in your area.