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Working with CVGT Employment to improve digital capability

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CVGT Employment matches job seekers with the right employer. We understand the barriers you face and provide the support you need. Our free services help people of all ages and backgrounds. They are a not-for-profit, for-purpose charity with more than 120 locations across Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. They are committed to helping local communities succeed and promoting inclusive employment solutions that help people and businesses grow.

Assessing and developing digital maturity helps government and nonprofit organisations enhance the delivery of public services through digital channels, making services more efficient, accessible, and citizen-centric.

Understanding your organisation's digital maturity is the first step to developing digital culture and driving innovation in digital services for your organisation and the public. By understanding and developing digital maturity, organisations can improve internal and external operational efficiency, enable talent development, adapt to changes in an ever-evolving digital landscape and, most importantly, deliver services that meet customer needs and expectations to build public trust.

Measuring Digital Maturity

Code for Australia has developed a digital maturity tool and works with CVGT Employment to assess the organisations' digital maturity annually.

Code for Australia’s Digital Maturity Indicator is an assessment tool based on the Harvard Kennedy School of Government’s Digital Maturity Model.

Our tool has six interdependent Digital Maturity Indicators, they are:

  • Skills and Hiring

  • Delivery Capability

  • Data Sharing and Impact Measurement

  • Organisational Capacity

  • Human-centred Design

  • Organisational Environment

To undertake the assessment, the Code for Australia team conducted interviews with leadership, management and digital roles across various teams. A survey was also sent to all CVGT staff, and 100 responses were received over two years of surveying.

To conduct the assessment Code for Australia undertook desktop research, interviews and anaylsed survey responses.

Based on interviews and survey responses, Code for Australia can clearly display an organisation's digital maturity across the six indicator areas. A second assessment for CVGT Employment identified a significant increase in maturity across key areas after just one year of implementing recommendations from the first assessment.

To support this growth, recommendations were identified following the first assessment. These included:

  • Improve staff capability through training opportunities and mentoring

  • Update position descriptions and plan for hiring staff into digital roles

  • Focus on staff's ability to use existing programs and processes

  • Build knowledge sharing and interaction between delivery programs to reduce risk of duplication of work and to share good ideas and processes

  • Build data literacy and understanding of areas such as privacy and security

  • Involve staff in product design and usability testing

  • And many more

It was great to see CVGT Employment build their digital capability over such a short time. Understanding digital maturity helps organisations navigate innovation, and disruptions to create sustainable digital services.

What’s the level of digital maturity in your organisation? Get in touch if you think Code for Australia can help you understand and map a pathway to being an organisation that can take advantage of digital solutions to serve the public better.

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