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How to work with us


Since we were established in 2014, Code for Australia have worked closely with our partners in local, state and commonwealth Government to develop a suite of low risk, high impact programs that drive cultural change, build capability and deliver technical solutions designed to meet human needs.

In the current climate, we’re working 100% remotely and our experience with digital-first approaches to collaboration and communication is proving valuable for our partners.

Everything we do has been tailored to make things easier for changemakers in Government, and procuring our services is no different. It’s easy to work with us and your agency will have access to a range of options for funding a Code for Australia program.

This page outlines our public sector credentials, when and how you can engage with our services, and how the procurement process works for both parties.

A trusted partner

Code for Australia are experts in digital government. Our understanding of service standards, human-centred design and agile delivery has been informed by successful engagement with:

  • 80+ agencies across local, state and federal government
  • 15 industry partners and
  • 20,000 community members

As specialists in public sector transformation, compliance with applicable standards for privacy, security, accessibility and workplace health and safety is built into the design and delivery of our work.


As an independent, purpose-led organisation we have the time and space to share stories and amplify learnings from projects that go well (and those that don’t). We’re here to help not sell and will give you an honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your own team and the operating environment that supports them.

It’s easy to get started with Code for Australia—we have a range of programs with funding options to suit your budget. Our immersive training workshops are priced around $10,000 and we can build a team of three technologists to design and deliver software for as little as $35,000.

How to engage with us

Code for Australia is registered with state and commonwealth Government panels including the Digital Marketplace, Buy.NSW, and our status as a small-medium enterprise gives agencies a lot of flexibility in how they fund and procure our services. Typically we’ll work with you to draft a statement of work for inclusion in a fixed price contract based.

Our services are also available through peak bodies and agencies responsible for digital transformation across the public service—you may be able to access a Fellowship or Digital Maturity Assessment that has been funded by one of our partners.

When you should think about it

If you need to deliver a new service and transform the capability of your team, our programs—designed to solve for both at the same time—will have the greatest impact.

Code for Australia’s offerings are designed to meet the needs of government teams at every stage of their digital transformation and delivery journey. Regardless of how well defined your challenges are, we can help you make progress to the next level.

Typically it can take a while to organise a procurement – our most recent Fellowships have taken anywhere from 1-12 months to organise approvals and funding, so we’re always keen to speak with teams early in the planning cycle to help frame budgeting decisions.

With our service offering being adaptable and affordable, we’re a great option when your budget situation feels challenging.

We deliver multiple programs throughout the year, and our teams find it beneficial to be part of a cohort for peer support and collaboration—if you register interest in advance we can let you know when we’ll be recruiting and running Fellowship teams in your local area so you can take advantage of the work we’re already doing.

With our service offering being adaptable and affordable, we’re a great option when your budget situation feels challenging. The disruption caused by Machinery of Government changes or uncertainty due to global events is an environment where we can offer flexible support for new digital initiatives.

The procurement process

This diagram describes a typical procurement and delivery journey with us, and we’re comfortable adapting to any particular workflow that’s required.

After initial discussions to better understand and frame your challenge, we’ll prepare a detailed Statement of Work, to support budgeting and contracting.

Your delivery team is supported throughout the engagement by our base team, and we’ll agree on a process for evaluation and reporting to suit your needs.

You can download a PDF version of our procurement information below.

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