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Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Wildlife Incidents and Emergencies




A web application to connect the general public with the large network of shelters and rescue organisations when people run into wildlife in distress.

Arnham Markac
Kasra Majbouri
Diana Ramirez

In a survey we conducted around Melbourne, we found people tend to call police when involved in incidents and/or emergencies with native wildlife in Victoria. This puts unnecessary pressure on both the police, local councils and other emergency services who don’t actually deal with these issues.

Our solution was to develop a simple, mobile-friendly service that helps Victorian’s quickly connect with support services in a wildlife emergency or incident. Support services include wildlife carers and shelters (e.g. hurt kangaroos), and DELWP staff (whale entanglement).

Using maps, targeted questions, icons for common animals and quick loading pages, we created a prototype of a tool for the team at DELWP. The prototype has since been built out and can be accessed from their website.


Check out the code here and here, and the tool here.

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